Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Life

April 18, 2017
Manifesting a wonderful, happy and prosperous Life
April 18, 2017

Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Life

Many Clients and friends over the years have asked me, what can I do to be healthier and happy in my life. At times life seems to be overwhelming and I am not altogether happy or Healthy.

As a response to this kind of questions I have decided to impart some wonderful secrets that I use on a daily basis to make my life go more smoothly and joyfully.

Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Life
1. Always look for the personal lesson from every situation or event that we encounter.
a. If you cannot see the lesson clearly, ask for divine clarity.

2. Stop trying to control other people, events, and situations. The reality is that we cannot control anything in life other than ourselves. Only that (occasionally)

3. Do not judge anyone based on our reality. Each of us has a unique reality that creates our beliefs and attitudes, we are not perfect, so do not judge others, as we are not Qualified to do so! By judging others we simply try and make ourselves feel better. (usually it does not work)

4. Do not criticize other people for their apparent (from our perspective) lack of sensibilities, attitudes or behaviour. There are reasons for every circumstance or event that we are usually never aware of. Criticism is not our JOB!

5. Learn to Accept “what is” in life, we accomplish this by (not doing #’s 2,3 4) Life will go much smoother and stress will become a thing of the past.

6. Learn to accept change graciously; change is the only constant in life and the Universe. Most ill and unhappy people do not embrace change in a healthy way!

7. Life is generally not difficult; we usually create our own difficulties by not understanding the reality of this Fact! No event is random and there is always a reason or a lesson to be learned.

The next time an event that is disturbing happens, think about this!! Gain the wisdom as intended.

8. Do we understand our Purpose in this life. This is a very profound question: Over the years I have realized that our ultimate purpose for our life is to Gain Wisdom and Serve others.

9. Love yourself, you are a perfect Child of God, we are all born into this world with specific plans and reasons. Ultimately we are here to help others and adapt to change allowing us to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

10. Do NOT hold grudges for any reason! Grudges will only hurt You! By being forgiving and compassionate regardless of what ever, we practice the GOD CODE

11. As we practice these simple truths we will find that our perspective and reality will change. Our reality is ours alone, each person creates their own reality based on their life experiences and

beliefs: By welcoming and changing our lives using these simple suggestions we will become happier, healthier, and more prosperous!

Never underestimate the power of the Universe or ourselves; there are no limits on what we can achieve, or attain:

Do not follow this common limiting attitude (I will believe it when I see it)
Instead change your life by choosing this attitude! (If I believe it, I will see it)

Choose to be Healthy and Happy
Thank you,
BodyTalk Bill