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About Bill Wallis

William (Bill) Wallis, CBP PaRama practitioner, Certified Access Technician

Bill provides personal BodyTalk session via the telephone, this simplifies the process for busy individuals who do not necessarily have time to spare. Having sessions from the comfort of your home is less stressful and quite powerful.

Each session is scheduled for 1 hour in which time Bill provides a potent healing BodyTalk session and discusses issues surrounding the various Symptoms that are being treated. Bill has been providing Distance telephone sessions for client across North America for several years and his clients love the process. It is simple, convenient and effective.

Bill has completed all mandatory bodytalk courses, + extensive study on other aspects of why we experience symptoms.

The combination of these powerful modalities provides Bill’s clients with the most advanced future medicine available today!

These future medicine tools combined with our own innate ability to heal has allowed Bill to help hundreds of people just like you, to a new exciting awareness and level of good health, body, mind and spirit.

The most important element of this powerful healing modality is You!

Clients realize after their first session that Bodytalk is a very powerful healing system that helps them heal naturally, the way nature intended.

I look forward to either meeting you in person or setting up a distance session for you to experience the BodyTalk potential.

Why not join the thousands of people around the world who use BodyTalk as their new Health Care system.

We can be contacted through our web site or by email

Clinic Telephone number 416-230-2955

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