Manifesting a wonderful, happy and prosperous Life

Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Life
April 18, 2017

Manifesting a wonderful, happy and prosperous Life

The following is processes which will help you manifest the life which you desire. The list is not completely inclusive, each of us can add attributes or tangibles which we what to manifest in our lives.

Anyone can create or manifest the life we desire, all that is needed is your change in consciousness to believe that is has already happened!

The secret is to say the list of I AM’s each night just before sleep

By doing this you will re-program your sub-conscious mind which provides our conscious mind with our original reality (good or not so good)


I AM all powerful

I AM all knowing

I AM unlimited; I can achieve anything that I believe I can achieve

I AM healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually

I AM Prosperous in my life

I AM wealthy

I AM talented

I AM an Amazing (profession)

I AM Intelligent

I AM Wise

I AM attracting into my life only people and events of High frequency and high energy.

I AM Happy and Joyful with my life

I AM expecting to be treated with respect and love by my friends and family.

I AM manifesting the career that I want and deserve.

End the I AM’s with this phrase:: I am that I am, I am (your name) I am GOD! (important)

By practicing, and doing the I AM’s each night, you will begin to experience changes in your day to day life that you have programmed into your sub-conscious mind.

Feel Free to add any other I AM’s that you want, no limits.