Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Life
April 18, 2017


Over the last 10 years of working as a BodyTalk Practitioner I have come to realize that each of us are saddled with a perspective on life that may not be conducive to good health.  Our perspective on life, (our reality) is created based on our life experiences.  These perspectives, which may not be conducive with our current life will manifest as a physical, spiritual or mental dysfunction. The result of these distortions will usually manifest as pain, illness, depression, anxiety and feelings of not being connected

As life progresses the effects of our misaligned perspectives begin to take a toll.   Our perspective on life, (our reality) is created based on our life experiences.  These life experiences usually begin to solidify very early in our lives and are based on how we are treated, what we are taught, and what we experience through our 5 senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell and what we taste.

The Big 4

  1. Emotional imbalances from the time we are children, can create significant fears and phobias which will manifest as pain or dis-ease.
  2. Stress: everyone experiences stress of some kind during their life; most of us experience stress daily. Stress is a normal state of our living in our current society. Some stress is good, when it gets out of control it becomes distress which will make us ill.
  3. Belief Systems: Our belief systems create our reality: from the day we are born we begin to build our belief systems (coping mechanisms) these become imprinted and form our attitudes and behaviour for the remainder of our lives. These dysfunctional beliefs cause the worst cases of illness physically, mentally and spiritually.
  4. Our environment, both internal and external can and will, if not managed properly create imbalances in our lives which will manifest as states of illness. These environmental issues can be related to family, our work, our physical location (where we live) our financial situation, and our personal relationships.


BodyTalk is a consciousness based health care system that can help clients deal with and disassociate these issues from their lives.  Any of these 4 distortions can manifest in organs, endocrines and body parts and stop the normal functioning of the body. When a Bodytalk practitioner balances the consciousness of a body part, the part undergoes a transformation that will change the function and physiology of the part or organ. This is called Consciousness Balancing.  This is what BodyTalk is really about!   When distorted belief system, fears phobias, stress, or environmental factors are disassociated during a BodyTalk session the client will undergo a change in perspective which will also change the function of the particular body part that is being affected by the distortion.


Bodytalk is truly Future Medicine, which is being practiced around the world today!!