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Terms & Definitions

There are terms and definitions unique to all professions and fields. Below are a few terms you may hear during the BodyTalk Session.

Body Chemistry – Balancing body to eliminate the negative reaction of substances: microbes such as viruses,bacteria, parasites, and fungi, toxins, allergies, intolerances (to food, etc.).

Cortices – A technique that balances the left and right hemispheres of the cortices in the brain with astounding results. When the brain is functioning optimally, it is reflected in the body. A common feeling after this technique is a comforting sense of well-being.

Innate Wisdom – The body has an inborn ability to heal itself at all levels. Innate wisdom is the intelligence that drives the bodymind towards homeostasis, or balance. It is that which animates you. It has a clear record of all your genetic information, all you experiences, all your emotions, all your physical, mental and spiritual ailments – since the time of your conception. While it would be impossible for you to remember or even know all of those details, your innate wisdom knows everything that makes you, you; and it knows what areas of the bodymind must be addressed to achieve balance for healing.

Permissions – Even though the practitioner has a client’s verbal permission, permission is also established at other levels – general, body, mind, and spirit – to ensure the client is ready and willing for health to be addressed at all levels.

Protocol, The – The chart created by Dr. Veltheim that the practitioner refers to in order to establish what the priorities and links are.

Results – Experience shows that results can be seen after one session or not until after several sessions. The body can have healing priorities on a deeper level, not necessarily related to the symptoms addressed. If so, there are usually more sessions required to deal with the issues and symptoms that concern the client. The body is working and wearing out from the day a client is born; consequently, there can be hidden priorities that must be addressed for good health to be maintained or before a tennis elbow can be balanced for healing.

Tap Out – The practitioner has determined, through innate wisdom, that there are no further links or details necessary for the formula to solve itself. The practitioner will have the client touch one of the areas involved in the formula, and will, using his/her fingers, gently tap on the head to get the brain involved, and then on the heart to store the information permanently, and therefore, get results that last.

MuSk – Energically working on the musculoskeletal system.

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